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Why should we get newborn portraits taken? {Newborn Photography}

Everyone has a moment in their life that they will remember forever. A moment that changes everything. For some, it may be that special wedding day when you committed your life to that special someone. For others, maybe it's the day your team won the championship game or you got an amazing trophy or medal for working so hard. For lots of people, it's the moment that your new sweet baby came into your life.

newborn pictures
Newborn Photography

Even though you love your spouse so incredibly much, both of you bringing this child into the world that is a part of both of you can trump any of the other "best days of your life". You will admire every single little detail of your baby's body. Every little eyelash, little fingers, all the way to his/her toes. And you will think that you will remember every single squishy detail of their body, but newborns change so quickly and so much in the first few weeks of life.

Newborn Portraits

So how will you ever be able to remember what you little babe looked like in his/her first few days of life? You will be so tired and still recovering from bringing this life into the world that you forget to really take in all of the wonders of this newborn baby. That's where a newborn photographer comes in!!

As a newborn photographer, I will capture every beautiful detail of your new son or daughter. It is so important to choose the right newborn photographer for what you are looking for. I will spend 2-3 hours soothing, wrapping, sshhhhhing, rocking, and loving on your little bundle. Adorable poses are always fun to see but newborn safety always comes first. Choose a photographer with experience posing newborns. These babies are delicate and require lots of attention to all of their little parts.

As a newborn photographer, I take care in wrapping the baby snuggly and take safety measures when placing them in props and when posing arms, legs, arms, and the head. I also take care in making sure your baby is comfortable in any position I have him in as well as capturing the best angles to show off the little details.

newborn portraits
Newborn Details

Lips, eyes, nose, cheeks, fingers, and toes! Every time you look at these images, all of the feelings you felt when you first held your baby will come flooding back in! That is the reason I love my job and the reason YOU should invest in newborn photography. It's not cheap but it's one of the most important moments you should capture in your life!

newborn photography
Newborn Portraits
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