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What to Wear {Spring and Summer}

The time is here to start booking spring and summer photo sessions. The number one thing that makes or breaks your photos is the outfit you choose!! So let me give you some pointers so you can start searching for the perfect outfits.

First, you need to figure out what colors will compliment the location you have chosen. If you are going for a more bright and springy look, choose more pastel colors that replicate the flowers and greenery that will be in your surroundings. Beach pictures have so much variety to choose from. Because our beaches are rocky as well as foggy sometimes, many colors will work here. I really love olive green, navy blue, cream combos for the beach as well as coral, turquoise, and tan. If you are choosing one of our amazing Battle fort areas, definitely don't do pastel. You want more bold colors to compliment the concrete look. Denim, burgundy, dark blue, cream, hunter green, and dark red are some good choices.

Secondly, what is your style? Where will you be hanging these photos? (Because you will be printing and hanging your photos in your home, right?) This will help you decide if you want to be more dressy/formal in your pictures or just more casual. Both are perfectly fine and it should really fit who you are as a family. If your husband does not like wearing slacks, then dress the boys in some nice jeans. Your daughter only wears dresses, then either dress everyone up a little more or pick a dress that's more casual and dress everyone else on the casual side. A few things to keep in mind, NO NEON COLORS, no big logos or sayings on shirts, try not to get the clothes that have the most rips and holes in them unless that's the look you are going for.

Thirdly, the clothing should fit and feel comfortable. It's hard enough to get the kids to wear clothes that you want let alone itchy, uncomfortable clothing. Make sure that the clothes fit well too. I like to buy my kids clothing a little larger so it has longer wear but for photos, you want them wearing clothes that fit them for their size now. It's very hard to disguise a shirt that's way too long or big, pants that are falling down or are so baggy you can't even see individual legs. Also moms, be careful with really baggy shirts or dresses. I know you think you need to "hide" behind your clothing but I'm telling you now, the best thing for you to do is wear something more form fitting and comfy. Big and baggy actually does the opposite of what you think it's doing.

Fourth, accessories are everything! I like to go light on the necklaces, bracelets, etc just to keep the focus on faces and expressions, but a beautifully paired long necklace with your outfit can really help draw the eye into your beautiful faces. My daughter loves headbands so I will be sure to choose a headband that coordinates with her dress or even grab a fun kitty ear headband to show her personality. The men could/should wear a watch if it's something they would normally wear. Mom, choose bracelets and earrings that you would typically wear if you were going out on a date in that outfit. Children don't really need a ton of accessories as they wouldn't really wear that if they were playing around at the park or going to school. SHOES!! SHOES!! SHOES!! Be sure to choose the shoes that match up with the rest of the family. If dad is in nice boots, mom in heels, the kids should wear nice shoes that would coordinate with that. If you are going for a more casual look, tennis shoes, flats, and sandals/flip flops would totally work.

Fifth, OR FIRST, pick one outfit for a family member and build everyone else's from it. For example, I had this beautiful floral dress that I wanted to wear. I choose colors based on my dress for everyone else. I picked a mauve colored dress for my daughter paired with a jean jacket that matched with the jeans that my husband and son would be wearing. Then I looked through our closets and found coordination shirts for the boys. If you find the cutest dress for your daughter, then build everyone's clothing from her dress. Perfect button up for your hubby or son, then coordinate everyone to go with that shirt.

Another tip: a little pattern is good but everyone shouldn't be wearing crazy patterns. Choose a floral and mix some solids and throw in someone with stripes that coordinate. Your boy is wearing plaid, grab some solids to go with the plaid color and then maybe someone in polka dots. The best thing to do is take it easy on the pattern but don't leave it out completely.

Here are some examples of color combos and outfit styles to help guide you on your journey of WHAT TO WEAR.

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