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Ward Family {Astoria, OR}

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Ward Family

One of the hardest things about military life is the "having to say goodbye" part. I met this beautiful family when we first moved to Oregon in 2015. We met randomly one day at the playground. Both of our sons share the name Ethan so that made the meeting more memorable. Shortly after, Kelsie and her family changed houses and moved on the same street as me. She was (and still is) always very friendly and easy to talk to. Once she found out I was a photographer, she took me on a little field trip around the area to show me some really cool spots to take pictures. This was super helpful since I was new to the area and didn't know anything around the town.

When fall came that year, Kelsie hired me to take her family pictures. They were the sweetest, cutest family!! It's hard to believe how little all the kids were then. And each one of the kiddos has their own special personality that shone throughout the session.

As the winter came, we had some very random snow days. She texted me that morning asking if I could do some snow pictures of her family. Of course!! And since we lived just a few houses down, it made it really easy and convenient to grab all the kids and my camera and run outside. It was so much fun! (Even if everyone doesn't seem too happy about the cold lol).

Their time is slowly coming to an end in Astoria, OR. And I had the pleasure to photograph this family one last time before they head out to a new adventure. It is fun comparing how much the kids have changed and grown from the first session to the last session. Thank goodness for social media so I can continue to watch them grow up!

Best wishes on your new adventures North!

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