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Maternity ~ Indoor, Outdoor, Milkbath {Astoria, OR

One of the most fun things about photography is when you just find the most beautiful pregnant woman and you want to take a million different pictures of her, and she lets you! Tori contacted me for her maternity pictures and while we were planning out her session, she had a hard time deciding on indoor intimate pictures or outdoor pictures. Then I showed her what a milk bath session looks like and she had to have it too! I also love photographing all of those types and I can't possibly help you choose between so we decided to do them all!

The indoor session is a very intimate session where we really show off the mom to be's beautiful belly and curves. The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and each one is different. As a photographer, I really want to capture the glow and essence of what being pregnant is all about.

Tori choose a couple of gowns I have on hand to wear for this session as well as bringing in a few lounging pieces of her own. What pregnant woman wouldn't want to look like this!!

At the end of our indoor session, we headed to the bath tub for a relaxing milk bath. I can't talk enough about how relaxing the milk bath sessions are. They are short and sweet with very minimal movement required. Basically, I do all the work and you get to relax in a warm bath with beautiful flowers ha. I will just let the images speak for themselves.

On a different day, we dragged her husband out to do some images with her. When I say dragged, basically he could hardly contain his excitement to spend an afternoon admiring his beautiful wife carrying his child. Once you get a look at these two beautiful people, you won't be able to wait to see what the baby will look like! Their love and joy was so contagious.

This day was such a beautiful afternoon (minus the random mosquitos). And we caught the most beautiful sunset at the end.

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