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I want to have pictures taken, now what? {Preparing for your photoshoot}

You see all of these beautiful portraits of families, children, couples, etc and you want so badly to have some of yourself. For weeks, you have been dreaming and obsessing about how your pictures will look, even where you will hang these gorgeous pictures in your house. Your husband is on board, you've figured out a way to get your kids to at least agree to show up lol.

You've reached out to your desired photographer and we've got the date and location all booked! Now what?

What are you supposed to do now? Good news! I have the answers for you.

This blog post isn't going to go into details about picking out outfits for your session but you can find some helpful info here

Below is a general flow of how to prepare for your photo session but if you have any extra questions, I'm always open to giving more details to make your experience phenomenal.

And to help you right before you walk out the door, here's a little checklist of some basic things to bring to your session too.

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