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August and Spring Flowers {Astoria, OR}

I LOVE spring time in Oregon. Particularly around the Astoria area because.....FLOWERS. I have lived in a few different places around the US and one thing is for sure, there is nothing like the changing of the seasons. Winters are wet and cold here and sometimes feel like it last a really, really long time. Then one day, you're out running errands around town and you see it! The little flower buds popping up on the trees. Little sprouts of flowers all over the ground, and those yellow dandelion flowers that literally take over fields. Pollen and allergies are a thing for lots of people and that's no fun but just looking around to see all that nature is doing is just breath taking. Also, it doesn't hurt when you have gorgeous children that are willing to risk the bumblebees for these beautiful portraits. And this one at the top is printed LARGE in my home in a matte print, mounted, and framed in a rustic wooden frame.

And everyone needs a little music in their lives, right?!

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